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AdaPos 2.0 SME

Ada program by version 2.0 SME has developed a system that can add up to version 1.5 by the addition of support for current and future retail business. The Ada version I have many more to come in and a series of AdaPls 2.0, the company offers.

AdaPos 2.0 SME - Any got to the retail, restaurant, mini mart of pet products, books, tapes, CDs, etc.

AdaPos 2.0 Fadhion - For clothing. Jewelry, etc.

AdoPos 2.0 HyperMart - As for retail / delivery. A lot like a department store cashier. The shop discount stores, etc.

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SeniorSoft Professional 6.0

SeniorSoft Professional The purchase of care program - point of sale (Point of Sale) Print receipt - invoice and inventory control SeniorSoft Professional easy to use for a mini-mart pharmacy mobile spare parts and sell all kinds of restaurants. Program developed by Thai POS systems integration, consulting shops / companies who want to use a computer. Sales management and inventory control.