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Intelligent Access Control System

The Access Control System is a sophisticated entry management solution designed to regulate and monitor access to secure areas such as office buildings, educational institutions, public transportation systems, and other restricted locations. This system employs multiple identification methods, including Barcode, QR Code on Mobile, Mifare card, and Thai Citizen card, to ensure secure and efficient access control. Here's a brief explanation of how each identification method works:

Barcode: The Turnstile Access Control System scans the barcode, and if it matches the pre-registered data in the system, the turnstile grants access to the individual.

  • QR Code on Mobile: With the increasing popularity of smartphones, the access control system can read QR codes displayed on a user's mobile device.

  • Mifare Card: Mifare cards are contactless smart cards that use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Each card contains a unique identifier and encrypted data. The system communicates with the card, validates its authenticity and permissions, and then grants or denies access accordingly.

  • Thai Citizen Card: The Access Control System can read data from Thai Citizen Card to verify the identity of the user. Visitors can use Thai Citizen Card to access the premise while their information could also be kept to verify their entries if needed.

  • The system could also be customized to read information on visitor's passport.

  • Advantages of the Access Control System with multiple identification methods:

  • Security: The combination of different identification methods enhances security by reducing the risk of unauthorized access and identity fraud.

  • Flexibility: The system accommodates various identification options, allowing users to choose the most convenient and suitable method for access.