Electromagnetic Security 

Electromagnetic Security is The system is equipped with a magnetic strip to the book.

1. System Security gate Included 




Antenna with modern design styles. You can choose the appropriate library.

Antenna work with digital. Effective in detecting high signal. Signal can be detected quickly and accurately. Can be detected through non-metallic material is not.

- IEC/EN60950 – 1:2001 , EN 61000-6-3 & 6 – 1:2001

Gate magnetic strip antenna comprising two antenna, one aisle.

- Antenna arrays can detect signals from electronic devices such as tape cassettes Knicks videotape, CD-ROM, DVD-efficient. Without causing damage to the device.

When it detects that the resource can not be borrowed from the library. Antenna sends the signal to noise and light in the notification immediately.

Antenna can be adjusted depending on the installation and can be adjusted to optimize the signal to the area.

Antenna is capable of detection in 80 -120 cm.

Signal detection from the ground up to a height of 170 cm from the base of the antenna.

Accommodate the installation of additional equipment such as CCTV.

Compatible with the international standards such asMETO, 3M, DIALOC, KNOGO, SENSORMATIC

The device is designed for standard The control signal will be installed separately from the antenna to prevent damage that may result from the walk - and to love his performance of the device.



2. Reactivator/ Deactivator 



Can adjust according to operating mode.

Available for both the signal and remove the signs within the same machine.

Device consists of two parts, the work is. The control device and the device - a transmitter. Payloads can be installed as part of a counter or on the counter. Choose the appropriate locations. 

The signal can be provided with resources such as library books, CD-ROMs and DVDs without damage to the resource.

That have a light on the process and remove the signs and signals.



 3. EM Strip  



Electromagnetic spectrum. Adhesive can be used easily.

Run by removing the signs and signals throughout the deployment.

Available to the Gate with magnetic anti-theft system as standard.

Magnetic various sizes to choose from, as appropriate.

·         Size 160-165 mm x 4 mm

·         Size 120 mm x 4 mm

·         Size 60 mm x 4 mm

·         Deactivatable Label with Dummy Barcode Size 60 mm x 6 mm

·         Deactivatable CD Label with Double Strips 105 mm

·         EM Label also available with single and double strip.