Monarch Hand Labeler - Model 1136 Two-Line




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For pharmacies, mini mart, restaurant, bakery etc.
Size stickers
19.8mm x 11.2mm        

BD10265_2.gifOperating Method - Squeeze, Release and Apply

BD10265_2.gifInking Method - Disposable porous roller

BD10265_2.gifLabels size is 19.8.1mm x 11.2mm

BD10265_2.gifWeight - Loaded with 1 roll of Labels - 15.1 oz (428g)

BD10265_2.gifFeed Direction - Portrait - vertical

BD10265_2.gifPrint Direction - Landscape - horizontal

BD10265_2.gifLines of Print - 2

BD10265_2.gifMaximum Bands per line - 8 top and bottom

BD10265_2.gifCharacter Height - Maximum - 3mm top line, 5mm bottom line