Intelligent Library System with FRID

Circulation Circuit

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BD10265_2.gif Coordination of radio frequency circuits Lend - nights. The management and prevention of theft of materials within the same circuits.

BD10265_2.gifIntelligent circuits. The radio frequency of 13.56 MHz.

BD10265_2.gifCircuits radio takes many forms. By using materials such as books, CD / DVD or video tape.

BD10265_2.gifCheckpoint's radio frequency circuits for low power operation. The signal and the distance between communication devices with the highest signal. And safe for consumer use.

BD10265_2.gifTo read the signs of up to 20 tags per second (Anti-collision) without a book in a specific position in all applications. All the steps faster and less error. The librarians have more time to work properly

BD10265_2.gif96 bits programmable and user definable memory

BD10265_2.gifIntelligent circuits. Developed and manufactured by Checkpoint signaling devices such as radio waves, RFID technology has been developed to support the evolution and development of technologies that will Occur in the future.

BD10265_2.gifRadio frequency circuits. Operates without a battery.

BD10265_2.gifCircuits work intelligent WORM (Write Once Read Many) functionality to quickly and accurately. Circuits and reduce the degradation or loss of data on the circuit board.

BD10265_2.gifDo not enter or clear the alarm (Reactivate or Deactivate) to work. The fault may be caused by an input signal and clear and frequent communication between the distance of the circuits with the highest signal devices to Checkpoint Intelligent Library System libraries. RFID is the most complete and powerful.


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