Intelligent Library System with RFID

Circulation Circuit Programming Station

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BD10265_2.gif Devices, data encryption on the circuit board to convert the barcode of the book is already on the library circuits. The ease and speed at a rate of 200 per hour.

BD10265_2.gif When I read the barcode of each book, then the device will convert the barcode to RFID smart circuits automatically in one step. To the circuits. Are to be used immediately.

BD10265_2.gif There are displays of the code. That users can understand and follow the steps easily.

BD10265_2.gif The program helps to define and code library books and materials for new entrants. The code official is only beginning. You can also connect to the printer, bar code label, bar code labels in Tin books automatically after the code on the next circuits. 

BD10265_2.gif The coding system works without a loan - all automatically. Do not change any data in the database. No damage to the database and database redundancy.

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