Intelligent Library System with RFID

Intelligent Sensors Gate


1%20gate%20sensor.jpg       2%20gate%20sensor.jpg

BD10265_2.gifIntelligent gateway technology, radio frequency (RFID) use radio frequency of 13.56 MHz.

BD10265_2.gifIntelligent gateway with an automated library system. When borrowing library materials that have been through the intelligent. Light and sound system to work. And the material (Identify) that can not be borrowed at the library's computer screen. Intelligent gateway serves as the RFID (and is listed at the same time) to complete. 

BD10265_2.gifMaterial that is not borrowed. Date and time of admission. The number at the exit (if there are multiple way out) will be recorded in the system immediately. 

BD10265_2.gifYou can print the report output (Alarm) that lists the materials through the door without getting the loan and the entrance door - out of the event (Exit Location or IP Address) the date and time etc. 

BD10265_2.gifGate on each side of the to read the signs of up to 20 intelligent circuits (TAG) per second. (With proprietary technology and an innovative integration of Checkpoint Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology with transceiver and single-board computer) with the goal of intelligent performance and maximum detection distance for reading a signal as far as possible. 

BD10265_2.gifEach of the read signal from the gate circuits up to 60-75 cm.

BD10265_2.gifGate signals from the RFID tag and read the two sides of the door. 

BD10265_2.gifThe audio signal can be transformed into the voice of staff.

BD10265_2.gifIntelligent gateway. Can analyze the data access library. When used with a card and RFID.

BD10265_2.gifIntelligent gateway can continue to work. Even when the power goes out or the Library can not use it.


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