Intelligent Library System with RFID 

Patron Self-Checkout



BD10265_2.gif Touch screen (Touch Screen) ease of use. Working with the Graphical User Interface (GUI) that has an animation showing how a user can easily follow.

BD10265_2.gifstandard monitor or flat screen monitor

BD10265_2.gif The Borrowing Library of Checkpoint can read the signal from the surface to 12-inch equipment, materials borrowed must not touch the surface directly. And does not require a specific position. You can read the signal 360 degrees for more convenient and time saving to borrowing. The users have to wait to borrow as much automation.

BD10265_2.gif Library card. Can be selected according to whether they are. Cards, smart cards, magnetic stripe (magnetic strip), bar code or radio frequency card. (Checkpoint's radio frequency ID card with magnetic stripe, bar code and RFID on a single card). 

BD10265_2.gif Borrowing and automatically sets the standard bar code reader (Barcode Scanner) for use with a library card barcode. 

BD10265_2.gif Borrowing can be automated as much as 20 volumes per second. (Anti-collision) at a height of up to 12 inches from the surface of the device.

BD10265_2.gif Print invoice (receipt) upon completion of the loan, the borrower details such as name, date of loan, a list of books and materials, a material, the return of each item, all items borrowed. And details about the library.

BD10265_2.gif Thermal paper. When printing a list of loan (receipt) is complete.

BD10265_2.gif Borrowing against a member of the library is not allowed to borrow. Or resources are not allowed to borrow.

BD10265_2.gif If the borrowed resources are resources that can not be borrowed. The loan will automatically display a message notifying the borrower that the borrower for the borrower to contact the librarian.

BD10265_2.gif The auto loan company can provide 24-hour

BD10265_2.gif International standards for safety to users such as

Electrical Emissions: FCC Part 15, ETSI 300 330 compliant
Electrical Immunity: ETSI 300 683 (CE) compliant
Safety: UL 1950 compliant

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