Intelligent Library System with RFID

RFID Patron Cards


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BD10265_2.gif A library card with a radio frequency of 13.56 MHz.

BD10265_2.gif1 trillion+ unique codes 

BD10265_2.gifA certain size of a credit card. Convenient to carry.

BD10265_2.gifWork with the goal of intelligent information for members on a walk through the doors of intelligent library.

BD10265_2.gifData analysis regarding the use of the library as a library at a time. Time and date of the service in each instance.

BD10265_2.gifIn addition to use with intelligent library system (ILS) RFID card can be used in conjunction with the Checkpoint Access Control system with the same card can be used to pass through - out of the building. To use the service. Of the library. In addition to this card. It also can work with. Payment automatically.


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