Automated Library Management System

Mercury is an automated library system developed by a team of software developers in Pennueng Holding Co., Ltd. a leading library automation systems and automated circulation system. And developed continuously. Particularly in technology, RF (Radio Frequency Identification) for identification. (Identification), security (Security) and tracking (Tracking) emphasized the development of continuous experience. Founded in 2542 by introducing the technology in the loan - all the books in the library automation and management. (IntelligentLibrary System & Services) access control and record-keeping (Security & Access Control), the company is committed to the development of various systems, with emphasis on product quality. Future technology and customer service with sincerity. To improve performance to customers and users of services. Benefit and satisfaction of the technology to help manage the library.

Mercury is a unique library and standards to support the balance of the system in the future. Developed for the needs of librarians and library user directly. For libraries at all levels. This is a good choice for libraries that are unique to the Library of Thai and English languages, both on the part of librarians and staff members we have trained staff workers. With manual in English. Warranty and after sales service a year.

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