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Consultancy Services and product installations.     

You can contact us to discuss that. A certain right to your job. To manage the provision of new jobs. To increase productivity. Or inquiry and installation. Smart Library RFID and Bar Code (Barcode Systems) to reduce the time and work - The product is more convenient. By the payment. Receipt. Cutting inventory and equipment to be most effective. 

Service product demos.

         We offer services such as product demonstration video time bar code printer (Barcode Printer) barcode scanner (Barcode Scanner), etc. so you can see the process and make decisions more easily.


After-sales service                                                                                                                            

Inspection service check products.

We provide inspection and cleaning. With friendly and attentive service to all customers.

Repair services.

If your product is damaged as a holding company willing to provide services - care products. The technicians have the experience and equipment spare parts. Fast service. The work will be carried out continuously.

Delivery services                                                                                                                              

We have Delivery services up to that.

  1. Delivery by our staff. (Particularly in Bangkok and its vicinity) as soon as you receive your products. Please check that the products specified in the product.
  2. Send a letter via mail products. Will be developed Delivery Stuttgart Post Office. The address of the receiver. It takes about 1-2 days in Bangkok and its vicinity after the date of delivery. It takes about 5-7 days to get it for the province. After delivery.

You can ask for details. Service area. And how to staff it.


Check product

In Check product. Please check the products when the goods are delivered immediately. For the purpose of your project if the error Notification back to us. Once inside the product, the company reserves the right not to be in every case. If not inform them of the error arising from the delivery.