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RF-EAS Systems

Radio technology is a technology that has been accepted. Widely used in many businesses, including retail stores, with Low-frequency radio waves, the coast is only 8.2 MHz safe to use. Has been inspected and secondary safety.

RF-EAS System Includes the following.

1. Antenna (ANTENNA) installed at the entrance - exit. Can be increased if there are multiple entrances - from the antenna to detect radio signals. Which we will install the product. The radio signal is effective in the detection accuracy. Ferrous metal objects as keys or cards will not be any effect on the antenna.

2. Tag (TAG) and the second is HARD TAG SOFT TAG.

- HARD TAG device for removing the strap, which is a HARD TAG with the product.
- To the radio frequency signal. For the radio signal on a very simple way by LABEL TAG LABEL TAG on the unit through the signal only. Radio signal is lost. The fast, easy and convenient to users.
Anti-theft system with radio technology. Anti-theft system is effective in use. The format of the tag with a wide range of product characteristics and the antenna and the signal that we are pleased to offer a system that is appropriate for your retail store .....