Is a leading in designing, developing and providing world-class reliability, customer management, enterprise resource management with cutting-edge technology available today and is compatible with international standards. To improve the performance of the system. Focus on the world-class quality and world class service at a fair price.


Is the leader RFID systems for libraries to achieve connectivity and collaboration within the country within a year. 2015 and linked to the library in the country by the year 2017.

Goals & Objectives

Enterprise focused on excellent services to customers either before and after the sale. Supports the links between libraries using RFID systems to cooperate in the sharing of resources. (Inter-Library Loan), up 10% of libraries throughout the country. Increase the number of libraries that use RFID. In 10% of the entire library. The RFID system for libraries in the abroad.

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Pennueng Holding Co.,Ltd. leading the industry. We developed a system of real-world experience. In addition, we also intend to distribute our products.

Pennueng Holding Co,.Ltd. the belief that the market for our products is increasing in this region. Because of that our products can be replaced. Other products. By growth. Growth increased steadily. And knowledge. The insights of RFID technology, computer technology and bar code our With a good understanding of our business customers will have a maximum per customer, of course. We are ready. Expertise. When customers need information or assistance. We are ready to serve all that rich. And to the satisfaction of all our customers. And that is what we are proud.

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  • Repair services.
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