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Book Drop Unit

24-Hour Book Return - Empowering Round-the-Clock Library Services


The 24-Hour Book Return, crafted by Pennueng Holding Co., Ltd., is a revolutionary solution that extends library services beyond regular hours, offering patrons the convenience of returning books and materials anytime, day or night. This innovative book return unit redefines library accessibility, providing a seamless and secure way for users to return borrowed items even when the library is closed. With its robust construction, advanced RFID technology, and user-friendly interface, the 24-Hour Book Return enhances library efficiency and elevates customer convenience.

Key Features and Benefits:

Unrestricted Access to Returns:

The 24-Hour Book Return offers library patrons the freedom to return books and materials at any time, 24/7. This extended access ensures greater customer satisfaction and fosters a sense of trust and reliability in the library's services.

Secure and RFID-Equipped Handling:

Each book or material placed in the 24-Hour Book Return is equipped with an RFID tag. The unit's advanced RFID technology ensures accurate and automated book check-in, updating the library's database in real-time.

Intuitive and Multilingual Interface:

The book return unit features an intuitive interface with clear instructions, guiding users through the return process effortlessly. Additionally, the interface supports multiple languages, accommodating patrons of diverse backgrounds.

Sturdy and Weather-Resistant Construction:

Designed for both indoor and outdoor installations, the 24-Hour Book Return is constructed with durable materials that withstand various weather conditions. Its robust build ensures the safety and security of returned items.

Instant Notifications and Check-In:

Patrons receive immediate notifications of successful returns, providing them with peace of mind and eliminating concerns about overdue items. The unit's real-time check-in capability updates the library's inventory instantly.

Customizable Design and Integration:

The 24-Hour Book Return can be customized to align with the library's branding and aesthetics. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with the library's existing RFID infrastructure and software systems, ensuring a seamless transition.

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance:

Ensure continuous functionality with remote monitoring capabilities. Library administrators can remotely track the unit's performance, view real-time status, and perform necessary maintenance to deliver uninterrupted service.


The 24-Hour Book Return unit finds versatile applications in various types of libraries:

Public Libraries: Extend library services beyond regular hours, providing convenience to patrons with busy schedules.

Academic Libraries: Placed outside library, at canteen, dormitories, 24-Hour Book Return unit caters to the needs of students and faculty, offering a flexible book return option that aligns with their academic commitments.

Corporate Libraries: Enhance library accessibility for employees, allowing them to return books outside of standard office hours.


With the 24-Hour Book Return from Pennueng Holding Co., Ltd., libraries can elevate customer convenience and improve operational efficiency. This innovative solution empowers patrons to return books and materials at any time, enhancing their overall library experience. Trust us to deliver a state-of-the-art book return unit equipped with RFID technology, ensuring secure and seamless transactions round-the-clock.