ILS Controller

The library system, intelligent control of a computer software program Library (Library Management) for the highest performance.

To control. Integration and interoperability with Microsoft's new library automation system.

The standard protocol Standard Interchange Protocol version 2 (SIP2) made contact and connection between the library system, intelligent and automated library system with SIP2 protocol together without creating a duplicate database with the Library.

The intelligent software library. Report to borrow books from the point of the loan - all through the librarian (Staff Station Readers) and equipment Borrowing Automatic (Self Checkout Station) will show you where to book the date and time of borrowing and so by the day. the time required for analysis and reporting.

You can print the books. By member libraries.

Status of service. Types of services. Resources are being used. Additional services and etc.

The Scroll bar to scroll to see it all (Record)

To manage information (Transactions) by deleting information. Not necessarily out of the library system, intelligent. A time to delete it. And then the system is in Off line before this step can make a backup (Backup) before.